La Dolce Via

90 km of soft track equipped and secured, in the heart of the preserved landscapes and the large natural areas of the Ardèche.

Accessible from the ViaRhôna, by foot, mountain bike, VTC or horse, come and stroll along this itinerary specially dedicated to hiking, and enjoy this protected environment.


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La Voulte-sur-Rhône - Les Ollières-sur-Eyrieux 20 km    

Welcome to La Dolce Via!

Here you are in the Ardèche, ready to discover an area very different from the Rhône Valley. This itinerary takes you to the heart of the Eyrieux Valley, as well as linking up with the Le Cheylard-Lamastre section. This picture-postcard valley was for a long time known as the “pink valley” because of its abundant peach blossom at the end of the winter.

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Les Ollières-sur-Eyrieux - Pont de Chervil 14 km

You are entering the Eyrieux Valley 

This busy region geared to outdoor activities is ideal for canoeing/kayaking, surrey biking, doing rope courses – or simply relaxing on the riverside beaches while savouring an artisanal ice-cream. Former silk-spinning or weaving mills where the natural silk was worked, built in stone and easily recognisable thanks to their tall chimney stacks, are dotted along this part of the track.

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Les Nonières - Lamastre 12 km   

Discover the Doux Valley

The 12-km section linking Lamastre and Les Nonières follows the River Sumène as far as Saint-Prix, where it crosses the village and continues a few kilometres towards the Medieval village of Désaignes (classified a "village de caractère").

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Pont de Chervil - Le Cheylard 14 km

Le Cheylard: the cradle of industry in the Ardèche

Be prepared for a change of décor! You’re entering the Eyrieux Gorges, a truly enchanting place where La Dolce Via snakes through dense vegetation made even denser by the reflections in the river. Gradually, chestnut trees emerge as a backdrop, adding a touch of authentic Ardèche atmosphere to the charm of the place.

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Le Cheylard - Les Nonières 8 km    

A 100% nature trail

After Le Cheylard, you leave the Eyrieux Valley behind and gain altitude, crossing the numerous structures (bridges and viaducts) which line the La Dolce Via. You’ll find amazing views of Les Collanges Lake and the landscape of the Boutières and the Ardèche mountains, with Mount Gerbier de Jonc and Mount Mézenc in the background.


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Le Cheylard - Saint-Martin-de-Valamas 7 km

The gateway to the mountains of the Ardèche!

After Le Cheylard, you travel up the Eyrieux Valley towards the Hautes Boutières and Saint-Martin-de-Valamas, the home of jewellery making. You can visit the Atelier du Bijou jewellery museum, where Charles Murat built his first factory in 1868.


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Saint-Martin-de-Valamas – Saint Agrève 17 km 

Built in stone

You are now entering the Upper Eyrieux Valley with its luxuriant greenery, where streams and forests abound, heading first of all for Saint-Julien-Boutières (5.5km), then Intres (8km). In the springtime when the broom blossoms, the mountainsides are covered in blazing yellow, giving the incredible illusion of being ablaze


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Cleaning and unclogging work on the pipe located on Chemin de l'Eyrieux (in Roche Corbière) in the municipality of Saint-Fortunat-sur-Eyrieux will take place from Tuesday, February 6, to Friday, February 9, 2024, from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Parking will be prohibited in the construction zone, and vehicle traffic will be managed alternately with a traffic light.