4/ Le Cheylard - Saint-Martin-de-Valamas

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The gateway to the mountains of the Ardèche!


After Le Cheylard, you travel up the Eyrieux Valley towards the Hautes Boutières and Saint-Martin-de-Valamas, the home of jewellery making. You can visit the Atelier du Bijou jewellery museum, where Charles Murat built his first factory in 1868.

Part of the industrial heritage of the area known as Les Boutières and a place where knowledge and know-how was passed down through generations, today it houses a visitors’ area and a business incubator right in the village centre. At the exit of Riotord tunnel on La Dolce Via you can admire the remains of Château de Rochebonne, one of the architectural treasures of the Ardèche, perched high on a volcanic plug overlooking the Eyrieux Valley.


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