Villages with outstanding character

Experience the medieval enchantment of the characterful villages along La Dolce Via. These timeless gems exude authenticity and passionately preserve their age-old traditions.

As you journey along La Dolce Via, don't miss the opportunity to visit these uniquely charming villages. Immerse yourself in their medieval atmosphere, wander through their picturesque alleys, and absorb their well-preserved architectural heritage.

These villages are treasures waiting to be explored, steeped in rich history and offering unique experiences at every turn of the street.

For more information, visit: Villages of Character in Ardèche.



Beauchastel is a village of medieval origin, located in the center of the Ardèche, at the confluence of the Eyrieux and the Rhone, perched on a hillside. It is composed of two parts: the Old Village and the Lower Town (modern village). On the steep slopes, the houses built in schist and pebbles of the Eyrieux, are intertwined, facing the south. Sheltered from the mistral, and very sunny, the village has a Mediterranean climate. Its alleys transport you into History, into Art and make you discover its heritage.





Chalencon is a village perched at an altitude of 700 m, located in the center of the Ardèche. It is labeled Village de Caractère and Petite Cité de Caractère de France. Part of the Monts d'Ardèche Regional Natural Park, this medieval city seduces by its history, its charm, its alleys and its heritage. It offers a splendid panorama on the Vercors, the Alps, the Gerbier de Jonc and the Mont Mézenc. It has small hidden treasures and classified as historical monuments.





The visit of the village as well as the castle will give you a complete change of scenery for a day, or more if you like! Désaignes, which is pronounced "Dézagne", already existed in Roman times, as evidenced by the presence of a temple dedicated to Diana and thermal baths at the site of the mineral springs. The city developed during the Middle Ages and still preserves many vestiges of this period. It was then marked, as well as the whole region, by the wars of religion.